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This free guide helps give your website project a kick in the pants! We put it simply. Learn more about domain names, hosting plans, hiring a designer, vital E-commerce store tips, and when Doing-It-Yourself might be an option.

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This free checklist has some questions that will help you gather the needed information to get your Service-Oriented business off to a quick start whether you do it yourself or hire someone.

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This free checklist has some questions that will help you gather the needed information to get your Online Store or Ecommerce business off to a quick start whether you do it yourself or hire someone.

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Free Guides

Fast track your website project by downloading these free guides. Whether you do it yourself or hire a designer you'll find helpful information to prepare your project to hit the ground running!

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How to Create A Dynamic Sitemap for Joomla with XMAP

This basic tutorial covers how to create a dynamic sitemap for Joomla using the Xmap extension in only 5 minutes. Also, we'll tell you how to properly add the sitemap to your robots.txt file.

In a nutshell here are the basic steps :) Please like us!


1. Download and install the appropriate version of XMAP for your Joomla site. Xmap currently supports all versions of Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 2.5

2. Once installed successfully, you'll want to go to your plugin manager and enable any Xmap related plugin that applies to your site. (Xmap for Joomla 2.5 comes with some auxiliary plugins to generate sitemaps for Kunena, Sobipro, Mosets Tree, and Virtuemart. At the least, enable the Xmap Content Plugin and the Xmap Weblinks Plugin.)

3. Then navigate to your extensions and components menu and go to Xmap. Once there, create a new sitemap. Give it a name, enable it, set it to public. Under the Menus settings in the same screen, check the box(s) to tell Xmap which menu links you want indexed in the sitemap. Hit save and close.

4. Then you will see a link to the XML sitemap. Click it to see if the sitemap was successfully created. If it was, you can copy the url in your browser's address bar and use this as a basis for submitting to Google using your webmaster tools account attached to your website.

5. To further help with other Search Engines locating your sitemap, you can download the robots.txt file in the root directory of your site in question, and add this line to the bottom of the file.

Sitemap: {the complete url of your xmap xml sitemap}

It should more or less look like this-


6. Save and upload. If you visit an webpage analyzer like it should tell you that you now have a sitemap.

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